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Senior Researcher, Finnish, Finno-Ugric and Scandinavian languages


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Areas of expertise

Mari language
Finno-Ugric languages
Finnish language
Language knowledge, Lexicology
Chuvas, Tatar


I have been as a

research assistant 1990–1992

researcher (in the Research Unit for the Finnic-Volcaic languages) 1993–1998

senior researcher (in the Research Institute for the Languages of Finland) 1999–2011

senior researcher (in the Research Unit for the Volgaic languages) since 2012

Finnish language teacher (in the Faculty of Science) 1989–1990

(part-time) language reviser (in the Faculty of Medicine) 1990–1998

Finnish language teacher for the foreigners (in the Workers' institute of Raisio) 2008, 2011

My education is

Master of Arts (1989). The Master's thesis was about the coordination in the Mari language.

Licentiate of Philosophy (1998). The Thesis was about the attributive system of nominals in the Mari language.


I have been making books such as

Mari–Finnish Dictionary (1992).

Finnish–Mari Dictionary (1995).

The Development of the Mari Lexicon in the 20th century (1998).

Chuvas–Finnish Dictionary (2007).

Tscheremissisches Wörterbuch (2008).

Wogulisches Wörterbuch (2013).

Now I am working on the

Komi–Finnish Dictionary,

Revised version of the Mari–Finnish Dictionary.


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Wogulisches Wörterbuch (2013)

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