University Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering


Joukahaisenkatu 3-5

Areas of expertise

-Computer aided design
-Design for additive manufacturing
-Simulation of residual stresses in additive manufactured parts
-Non linear Finite Element Analysis


Asim Rashid has MSc in Product Development and Materials Engineering from Jönköping University, Sweden (2010), and PhD in Engineering Mechanics from Linköping University, Sweden (2016). He has written two books: Solving Contact Problems with Abaqus and Solving Nonlinear Problems with Abaqus.


Asim Rashid is responsible for the following courses in Digital Design Master’s Program at University of Turku:  

KTEK0029        Digital Design Methodology

KTEK0030        Design Optimisation (Structure and Topology)

KTEK0031        Reverse Engineering and Industrial Metrology

​​​​​​​Other courses that Asim is involved at UTU: 

KTEK0044        Computer Aided Design 


Disc brakes are a crucial part of a vehicle. They slow or stop a vehicle by converting the kinetic energy into heat. This heat causes the disc surface temperature to rise in a short period of time. Due to the severe working conditions during operation, cracks develop on the friction surface.  Simulation of residual stresses  causing the initiation of these cracks with reasonable computational resources was one of the main goals of Asim’s research as a PhD researcher.

The residual stresses in a part built using an additive manufacturing process can lead to part distortion, loss of geometric tolerance and have detrimental effects on the fatigue performance. Due to the complex thermal phenomenon which occurs during the additive manufacturing process, understanding the relationship between processing parameters and final part properties is a challenging task. Asim’s interest lies in the investigation of how the residual stresses affect the final part geometry and how to improve the process parameters for an ideal stress-free build of a part. ​​​​​​​


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