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Physiology and Genetics


Areas of expertise

Maternal effects
maternal hormones
thyroid hormones
phenotypic and developmental plasticity
life-history variation


2020-2023: Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Turku, Finland
2019-2020: The Ella and Georg Ehrnrooth postdoctoral associate, University of Turku, Finland
2016-2019: Postdoctoral researcher, University of Turku, Finland
2011-2016: PhD student, University of Groningen, The Netherlands


While I do not teach my own courses at the moment, from time to time I participate in teaching data interpretation, presentation and analysis, and regularly supervise students who participate in our research for animal-handling skills and statstical analyses.


I am an evolutionary ecologist and physiologist with research interests encompassing phenotypic and developmental plasticity as well as life-history variation. Starting from my PhD, my research has mostly focused on transgenerational plasticity induced by maternal hormones, particularly testosterone and more recently thyroid hormones. More specifically, I am interested in understanding the fitness consequences of maternal hormones on offspring and their ecological and evolutionary significance, whether and how maternal hormones exert differential effects on offspring depending on environmental contexts, how maternal hormone transfer vary at different levels of biological organization, the physiological control of maternal hormone transfer, inter-specific differences and associations of maternal hormones with life-history variation.

I have used integrated approaches to tackle theese questoins, including experiments using captive and wild animals, statistical modelling to partition variation at different levels of biological organizations, as well as comparative methods.

Recently, my research interest has been gradually expanding to the evolutionary ecology and physiology of endogenous thyroid hormones and its association with life-history variation, other non-hormonal forms of maternal effects, the application of molecular and genetic approach to study the actions of maternal hormones, as well as interest to use other terrestrial vertebrates (reptiles, amphibians, or even mammals) as my model.


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Maternally transferred thyroid hormones and life-history variation in birds (2022)

Journal of Animal Ecology
Hsu Bin-Yan, Pakanen Veli-Matti, Boner Winnie, Doligez Blandine, Eeva Tapio, Groothuis Ton GG, Korpimäki Erkki, Laaksonen Toni, Lelono Asmoro, Monaghan Pat, Sarraude Tom, Thomson Robert L, Tolvanen Jere, Tschirren Barbara, Vásquez Rodrigo A, Ruuskanen Suvi
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