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University Teacher, The Centre for Language and Communication Studies
BA Linguistics, MA TESOL


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Areas of expertise

Intercultural communication
intercultural competence
portfolio assessment
classroom cultural conflicts
technology in the classroom


I have been a University Teacher (English) at the University of Turku's Centre for Language and Communication Studies since 2015. I graduated with a BA in Linguistics and an MA in TESOL. I have taught English for Academic/Special Purposes at the American University of Sharjah as well as Amideast in Amman, Jordan and Damascus, Syria.


I teach English Academic and Professional Skills for Social Sciences (Political Science, Contemporary History, and Philosophy) and Education (OKL) students, as well as Intercultural Communication courses and staff trainings and Academic Presentation Skills for UTUGS.


Most of my research falls into the area of Intercultural Communication. My MA Thesis, Culture in the EFL Classroom: Western Instructors and Arab Students in the UAE explored areas of and solutions for cultural conflicts between instructors and students of different backgrounds. A part of this research was adapted into a journal article entitled Understanding Cultural Conflict in EFL Classrooms in the UAE, published in the Eurasian Journal of Applied Linguistics in 2015,

I have also conducted and presented or published research about TOEFL washback in the EFL classroom, YouTube and motivation in the EFL classroom, portfolio assessment, and intercultural communication as viewed through the FInnish Nightmares comic series.


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