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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Docent, Faculty of Science
Physiology and Genetics
PhD, Docent


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Areas of expertise

Evolutionary genetics
teaching genetics


I enjoy going out to nature to collect material in its natural habitat and subsequently processing it with various methods in laboratory to find answers to questions presented in the study at hand. The subjects of my studies include intra- and interspecies chromosomal polymorphism, speciation, phylogenetic relationships between species and combined chromosome and DNA level studies in solving various evolutionary problems.

At present, my research has been focused on the phylogeography, phylogenetic relationships and the evolutionary importance of parthenogenetic mode of reproduction in the Psyllid genus Cacopsylla. Parthenogenesis has conventionally been regarded as an evolutionary dead end, but recent studies have challenged this assumption. One goal in a combined chromosome and DNA level study is to show that with certain premises a novel bisexual species may develop from parthenogenetic Cacopsylla.


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