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Dan Ha
Doctoral Researcher, International Business
COSMO research project - funded by the Academy of Finland, Finnish Work Environment Fund and NordFors.

Areas of expertise

social entrepreneurship


Originally from Vietnam, Dan Ha has joined the University of Turku since 2021, pursuing a master's and doctoral degree in International Business. Within nearly 20 years of experience in the banking sector, she held executive positions at multinational giants such as HSBC and CIMB, thus offering a broad global insight.

Having resided and worked across various countries, Dan Ha has directly observed the metamorphic influence of diverse perspectives in enhancing worldviews and fortifying personal identities. Her present focal point revolves around investigating how cosmopolitan individuals cultivate a deep sense of belonging within diverse communities, concurrently crafting their own identities and worldviews.


Dan Ha's research focus lies on delving deep into the intricate tapestry of identities and lived experiences of cosmopolitans in different parts of the world, e.g., Finland, Canada, Saudi Arabia. These are individuals who, driven by an innate sense of being global citizens, traverse borders in pursuit of holistic self-fulfillment across both their personal lives and professional endeavors.