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University Teacher, Department of Social Research
Doctoral Student, Sociology


+358 29 450 4813

Areas of expertise

Economic assymmetry and intergenerational differences
Income, wealth and consumption inequalities
Static and dynamic microsimulations (SISU, EUROMOD, ABM)
Quantitative research


I am Project Researcher and a PhD-student at the University of Turku. In my PhD-thesis I am researching intergenerational economic inequalities from the perspective of life course theory. This research offers a holistic approach to the economic inequality studies, because the chosen framework is based on intergenerational differences over income, wealth and consumption. I am interested how different birth-cohorts and their inequalities are developed over lifetime and how these "lifecourse trajectories" differ from eachother. The research is focused on answer how economic shocks, taxes and national social guidance systems will have an effect to the various forms intergenerational economic inequalities.


Currently I am working as part of EU funded Horizon2020 project BEYOND4.0. The aim of this project is thoroughly examine the impact of the new technologies on the future of jobs, business models and welfare in the EU, using a multidisciplinary and innovative research approach, and to help direct an inclusive future.

Previously, I worked as part of TITA-consortium (Tackling Inequalities in the Times of Austerity) as a project researcher.


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