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Research Manager, Faculty of Medicine
DPhil (Oxon)
Relic Studies; Archaeology of Material Religion; Nordic Institutes for Advanced Studies


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Areas of expertise

Material Religion
Institutes for Advanced Study
Grant Capture


Finnish-based interdisciplinary researcher at UTU (formerly University of Oxford), with a background in research and business management. The Relics of Turku Cathedral Project is a world leader in interdisciplinary relics research. I moved to Finland in 2017 in order to help develop Relic Studies as an interdisciplinary field as a Senior (Collegium) Fellow at the Turku Institute for Advanced Studies.This field is now advancing rapidly, with the 1st International Conference of Relic Studies taking place in Portugal in 2021. 

Since 2020, I have also developed an interest in Research and Innovation strategies. I have therefore helped to develop Institute for Advanced Studies research across the Nordic region (, bringing in €1,65M iexternal funding in 2022. My current role involves increase capacity at UTU Faculty of Medicine. To deliver this, I enhance grant capture by existing researchers, develop new concepts to obtain external funding, and find fresh solutions for added-value innovation growth. When possible, I continue to be active in Advanced Studies and in the archaeology of Material Religion.


Academic lectures and public engagement primarily to university seminar and mixed audiences. 

Teaching interests (class and graduate student supervision):  Relics in European Archaeology, History, Art & Culture, 100 B.C.E.- 1500 C.E; Late Roman & Byzantine Archaeology; Grant Writing


Relics in European Archaeology, History, Art & Culture, 100 B.C.E.- 1500 C.E; Application of archaeological science research methodologies; Institutes for Advanced Study


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