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Doctoral Researcher, Department of Accounting and Finance
Sustainability performance, ownership types, firm profitability and Valuation

Areas of expertise

Habeeb is interested in Corporate Finance
Sustainable Finance
Emerging market structure and evaluations


Habeeb Yahya is a Researcher at Turku School of Economics of University of Turku and working on his doctoral dissertation.

Habeeb is at the same time a graduate student at the Graduate School of Finance(GSF) – a joint initiative of Aalto University, Hanken School of Economics, Lappeenranta University of Technology, University of Oulu, University of Turku and University of Vaasa. The GSF anchors advance doctoral courses taught by leading Finance scholars in the world.

Habeeb is also skilled in UI/UX of App development and currently learning programming language for mobile apps. Habeeb enjoys playing table tennis and football. Though nowadays, He spends his freetime with his wife and two sons.  


Co-teacher on Finance, Sustainability, and Ethics course in Turku School of Economics- A 3rd year Bachelor's degree course 

Exercise instructor Asset Pricing and Portfolio Management course in Turku School of Economics- A fourth-year Master’s level course 


Habeeb is interested in Corporate Finance topics and currently focusing on sustainable Finance. As a Nigerian, he's enthusiastic in research on emerging markets structure, performance and evaluation. Particularly, he's working on a paper with a doctoral fellow from the Hanken School of Economics on Job creation, Private Equity, Venture capital, and entrepreneurship in Africa.

Presently, Habeeb is working on research papers aimed at understanding firms' sustainability performance, ownership type, and the effect on firm value, and profitability in the Nordics between 2010 and 2020. The first paper in the dissertation focusing on 'ESG and firm performance: Analysis on Nordic Countries' was presented at a Turku School of Economics (TSE), Accounting and Finance department seminar in October 2021. The paper is scheduled for the Graduate School of Finance winter workshop presentation in November 2021, the  TSE Responsible Business Network seminar in November 2021 and has been accepted to the World Banking and Finance symposium in Budapest in December 2021. 

Habeeb’s research has attracted research funding from well-known contemporary foundations. Previously, Habeeb has been involved in academic and industry positions and gained invaluable theoretical and practical experience which added further value and broadened his horizons to contribute meaningfully to academia and society.


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