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D.Sc. (Econ.); Master of Laws
Current project: LEXSECURE - Law for Secure Supply: Internalizing the Crisis Exceptions. The project studies the legal foundations of global supply chains and how to ensure secure supply.

Areas of expertise

Supply Chain Management (SCM)
public sector SCM
lean thinking, especially in the justice system
preparedness and security of supply.


Isabell Storsjö holds a doctorate (D.Sc.(Econ.) in Supply Chain Management and Social Responsibility from the Department of Marketing at Hanken School of Economics, and a Master of Laws degree from the University of Helsinki. In her doctoral thesis “Supply chains for societal outcome” she explored what a supply chain perspective entails in highly regulated public service settings and processes, including legal processes in the justice system and public procurement processes for innovation and preparedness. 

Isabell Storsjö's research interests lie at the intersections of (Resilient) Supply Chain Management, Public Services, and Law. Some of the topics she currently works on include the following: lean thinking and continuous improvement in the justice system; supply chain resilience, preparedness and security of supply; public value creation; force majeure and global supply chains; and, proactive contracting and legal design in purchasing and supply chain management. These interests stem from her background in both law and logistics and supply chain research, and the focus on service delivery and processes in especially the public sector. During her Master and PhD studies at Hanken School of Economics, Isabell Storsjö also took several courses on humanitarian logistics, and worked for the Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research (HUMLOG) Institute, in the research project “Cascading Innovation Upstream the Supply Chain through Procurement Processes”. 

During her law studies, Isabell Storsjö wrote about the legal history and development of cooperation between criminal investigators and prosecutors (Bachelor’s thesis) and force majeure clauses and doctrines in international contracts in global supply chains, focusing on delays caused by diseases (Master’s thesis). She was also a participant in the Nordic Case Competition on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in 2012, then focusing on the case law and legal doctrines relating to the right to a fair trial (and specifically, the right to have one’s case dealt with without undue delays).

Isabell Storsjö has published her work in the Routledge Companion to Lean Management, JFT (a Finnish law journal), the 3rd edition of Humanitarian Logistics (edited by Peter Tatham and Martin Christopher), International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction and International Journal of Public Sector Management. She has also discussed her research on lean thinking in law and the justice system in the podcasts Sustainability Unwrapped (produced by Hanken School of Economics) and the Legal Design Podcast.


Isabell Storsjö is responsible for the course OTMV1057 Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (4 ECTS).


Isabell Storsjö's research lies at the intersection of Supply Chain Management and Law, with focus on the following topics:

  • Lean thinking in the justice system
  • Public procurement for innovation and preparedness
  • Public value production
  • Force majeure and global supply chains
  • Proactive contracting and legal design in purchasing and supply chain management


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Lean Justice (2017)

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