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Areas of expertise

Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy of René Descartes
Early Modern Philosophy
Philosophy of Racism
Argumentation and Critical Thinking


I graduated as a philosophy major (MSSc) from University of Turku in 2011, and continued to work there towards my dissertation. I received my PhD in 2016, and have since completed a personal three-year project, funded by Finnish Cultural Foundation. I currently work as a university teacher.


I have taught several courses in philosophy of mind and early modern philosophy, especially on René Descartes, as well as courses in argumentation and critical thinking (also in the University of Eastern Finland).

My current teaching responsibilities include general philosophy courses as well as courses on more specific topics (philosophical writing, philosophy of racism).


My current research is focused on philosophy of racism, more specifically on the logical structures of racist and other kinds of generalizing attitutes. I am planning a personal project on this topic. I am also engaged in understanding the challenge racism poses to the "egalitarian plateau" on which current moral theorizing is conducted. Namely, if one rejects equality as a basic principle, as racist thinking obviously does, then any counter-argument assuming equality is bound to be question-begging againts racism. Instead of arguing for equality, which is one plausible strategy against this challenge posed by racism, I am investigating whether  we can find serious internal inconsistencies in racist attitudes that would be sufficient to undermine them.


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Jani Sinokki
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