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Clinical Lecturer, Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
Adjunct Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine
Clinical Lecturer, Institute of Biomedicine
Clinical lecturer

Areas of expertise

pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes
pediatric infections
pediatric immunology


Docent Johanna Lempainen graduated from medical school in 2004 (University of Turku) and defended her PhD theses on pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes in 2009. She received specialist licence in paediatrics in 2015 and was appointed as a docent of experimental paediatrics in 2018 (University of Turku). She is currently working as clinical lecturer at the department of pediatrics at University of Turku and as specialist at the Unit for Rare Diseases, Turku University Hospital. She participates in neonatal screening for severe immunodeficiencies and in laboratory diagnostics of immunodeficiencies. Training for subspecialty in pediatric infections and immunodeficiencies is ongoing.


Docent Lempainen works as clinical lecturer in pediatrics (part-time) since January 2017. 


Docent Lempainen’s thesis in 2009 focused on the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes. Since then her research work has further focused on the heterogeneity of type 1 diabetes pathogenesis. In 2011 she worked as visiting researcher in the BabyDiab-diabetes study group in  Munich, Germany. Her current research interests comprise the etiology of beta-cell autoimmunity in respect of immunological, genetic and epigenetic factors and disturbances in early microbial contacts and are a part of the prospective Diabetes Prediction and Prevention (DIPP) study. In addition, she participates in research projects aiming at early detection of bacterial and viral infections in infants and children in order to avoid unnecessary antibiotic exposure. Since January 2020 docent Lempainen is the principal investigator of the Immunogenetics laboratory and PI and member of steering committee in the DIPP study at the University of Turku.


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COVID-19 mRNA vaccine induced antibody responses against three SARS-CoV-2 variants (2021)

Nature Communications
Jalkanen Pinja, Kolehmainen Pekka, Häkkinen Hanni K., Huttunen Moona, Tähtinen Paula A., Lundberg Rickard, Maljanen Sari, Reinholm Arttu, Tauriainen Sisko, Pakkanen Sari H., Levonen Iris, Nousiainen Arttu, Miller Taru, Välimaa Hanna, Ivaska Lauri, Pasternack Arja, Naves Rauno, Ritvos Olli, Österlund Pamela, Kuivanen Suvi, Smura Teemu, Hepojoki Jussi, Vapalahti Olli, Lempainen Johanna, Kakkola Laura, Kantele Anu, Julkunen Ilkka
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