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Associate Professor, Psychology


+358 29 450 3493
+358 50 410 8623

Areas of expertise

Eye tracking
infant behavior
visual attention
facial information


Developmental psychology (PSYK8119) and cognitive neuroscience (PSYK3394 & PSYK3517).


My research aims to develop eye-tracking methods to examine elementary visual behaviors in infants and young children, particularly in situations that mimic natural dyadic (e.g., infant-parent) and triadic (i.e., infant-parent-objects) interactions. Of the many questions that are central to these topics, my current work focuses on individual differences in infant visual behavior, the origins of these differences, and  their functional significance. 


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Eye tracking: empirical foundations for a minimal reporting guideline (2022)

Behavior Research Methods
Holmqvist K, Örbom SL, Hooge ITC, Niehorster DC, Alexander RG, Andersson R, Benjamins JS, Blignaut P, Brouwer AM, Chuang LL, Dalrymple KA, Drieghe D, Dunn MJ, Ettinger U, Fiedler S, Foulsham T, Van der Geest JN, Hansen DW, Hutton SB, Kasneci E, Kingstone A, Knox PC, Kok EM, Lee H, Lee JY, Leppänen JM, Macknik S, Majaranta P, Martinez-Conde S, Nuthmann A, Nyström M, Orquin JL, Otero-Millan J, Park SY, Popelka S, Proudlock F, Renkewitz F, Roorda A, Schulte-Mecklenbeck M, Sharif B, Shic F, Shovman M, Thomas MG, Venrooij W, Zemblys R, Hessels RS
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