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Doctoral Candidate, Department of Education
Doctoral Student, Department of Education
Doctoral Candidate


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Kalypso Filippou is a PhD candidate and a research assistant at the Centre for Research on Lifelong Learning and Education (CELE), Department of Education, University of Turku. Her PhD research examines students’ and university teachers’ experiences in the international master’s degree programmes in Finnish universities, focusing on thesis supervision and students’ background. Kalypso has graduated from the international master's degree programme of Learning, Learning Environment and Educational Systems, University of Turku and received her Bachelor's Degree of Educational Sciences - Primary School Teacher at the University of Cyprus. She has been an exchange student at the University of Stockholm.


Kalypso is currently the responsible teacher for the courses EDUT5271 Multicultural Education and EDUT5257 Scientific Writing. She is also an assistant at the master's thesis seminars of the EdLearn master's programme. Previously she was a teaching assistant at the courses Culturally and Linguistically responsive teaching, and Cultural Responsiveness, Diversity, and Inclusiveness. Kalypso has also presented in a few occasions her doctoral thesis research, and the educational system in Cyprus at the course KTL_0064 Comparative and International Education.


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