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Doctoral Student, Study of Cultures
University Teacher, Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC)


+358 29 450 4089
+358 46 920 7179
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Areas of expertise

futures research
young people's futures images
qualitative research, ethnography
everyday life
female entrepreneurship
sustainability in shipbuilding industry


I have completed university teacher's pedagogic studies (60 credits) and I have teaching experience both in Ethnology and Futures Studies. In Ethnology I have conducted field work courses in textile industry and urban areas and given lectures about livelihoods in rural areas. Since 2012 I teach in two courses in Futures Studies that introduce basics of futures thinking and scenarios. These courses emphasize interaction and group works as a way to enhance learning.

I coordinate a course called TEVY Yrityselämään! - Liiketoiminta ja projektityöskentely (5+1 cr), which is mandatory for all about 250 first year students in the Turku School of Economics. I also work as a course assistant in the course Futures research and strategic foresight (4 cr) which is mandatory for all the students in new Master's degree programmes in the Turku School fo Economics and was launched in fall 2018.


I have Master of Arts degree in European Ethology and have studied also e.g. Futures studies. Since my pro gradu thesis, which dealt with combine harvester as an example of modernization of agriculture, I have an interest in rural issues. I have done research on female entrepreneurship on farms and other interests concern e.g. new livelihoods in rural areas, female entrepreneurship, futures images of young people and sustainbility in the shipbuilding industry. Through participation in several research and development projects in Finland Futures Research Centre I have experience in other areas as well.


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