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Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Parliamentary Studies
Adjunct professor, Dr.


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Areas of expertise

European integration
Cold war
Intelligence history
Network analysis & visualisations
Digital social sciences


I am an interdisciplinary oriented social scientist currently affiliated as senior researcher in European studies to the Centre for Parliamentary Research at University of Turku, Finland.

My empirical research focuses on European integration since 1945 as a political phenomenon, Germany and Europe, European policy networks, Cold War and post Cold War intelligence history, and on Transatlantic relations from European perspective.

My theoretical and methodological interests revolve around all kind of computational/digital research (e.g. network analysis, computational discourse analysis, text/data mining), integration theories, EU theories, geoeconomics, as well around structuralists approaches to politics (especially Johan Galtung, agent-structure theory).


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Uncertainty in humanities network visualization (2024)

Frontiers in Communication
Conroy M, Gillmann C, Harvey F, Mchedlidze T, Fabrikant SI, Windhager F, Scheuermann G, Tangherlini TR, Warren CN, Weingart SB, Rehbein M, Börner K, Elo K, Jänicke S, Kerren A, Nöllenburg M, Dwyer T, Eide O, Kobourov S, Betz G
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Tyskland (2022)

Elo Kimmo
(Vertaisarvioitu artikkeli kokoomateoksessa (A3))