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Docent, Department of Clinical Medicine
University Teacher, Institute of Biomedicine


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Areas of expertise

medical bacteriology
beta haemolytic streptococci
clinical studies
epidemiological studies


2007 MSc in biochemistry (Uni. Turku), 2016 PhD in Paediatrics, Faculty of Medicine (Uni.Turku), 2020 Adjunct professor in bacteriology (Uni. Turku)

Post docotral research and collaboration in professor Jaana Vuopio group (Uni. Turku) since 2015. Ongoinig supervison of three PhD candidates. Principal investigator 1.9.2022 onwards Academy of Finland project funding


The main focus of my research is on beta haemolytic streptococci. Group A streptococci is one of the most common human pathogens. The disease spectrume is wide from mild tonsillitis to severe life-threathning conditions such as bacteremia. In addition to infections, Group A streptococci may colonize throat or skin asymtomatically. Carriage is significant factor for the spread of the bacteria.

Childbed fever of puerperal sepsis is a rare but severe disease condition that may develop after delivery. Group A streptococci is one of the common causatives of puerperal sepsis. The source of bacteria usually remains unknown. 

Group B streptococci is another common human pathogen. It is transmitted from mother to newborn baby during the delivery. Bacteria may cause severe infection in the newbor as well as for the mother. In several countries, including Finland, Group B streptococci is screened from pregant women and treated before the delivery. 

Academy of Finland has funded our research project on streptococci, pregancy and delivery. We have an ongoing clincal study in which we investigate the prevalence of asymptomatic carriage of beta haemolytic streptococci in pregnanct women and their partners. We investigate the identified streptococcal bacteria with several molecular techniques (such as whole genome sequencing, antimicrobial susceptility). In addition, we investigate the outcome of the pregnancy and delivery in relation to asymptomatic carriage of these bacteria. 

Other research topics (in collab. with prof Jaana Vuopio) are epidemiology of group A streptococcal diseases (tonsillitis) and MRSA.    


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Reduced In Vitro Susceptibility of Streptococcus pyogenes to β-Lactam Antibiotics Associated with Mutations in the pbp2x Gene Is Geographically Widespread (2020)

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Antibiotic resistance of Escherichia coli from outpatient urinary tract infection in women in six European countries including Russia (2019)

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