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Doctoral Candidate, Laws
Doctoral Student, Laws


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Areas of expertise

International and Comparative Law
Russian Law
Internet Governance
Digital rights
Freedom of Expression Online


Liudmila Sivetc joined the Faculty in 2016 as a doctoral candidate. She holds two Master’s degrees. In 2003, she graduated in Russia from the Faculty of Law of State St. Petersburg University as a Master of Russian Jurisprudence. In 2016, she graduated in Finland from the Faculty of Law of University of Turku as a Master of International and Comparative Laws. Her Master’s thesis was honored with an award by the Finnish IT Law Association in 2017. Currently, she is writing a doctoral thesis on new state regulatory practices in the Russian Internet. Liudmila’s publications have appeared in Idäntutkimus and International Journal of Law and Information Technology.


Spring 2017 and 2018: Internet Governance and Digital Rights (lecturer)

Spring 2020: Digital Transformation of State and Society in Russia from a Comparative Perspective (responsible teacher) / University of Helsinki

Fall 2020: Legal Aspects of Acting Online (responsible teacher)


Liudmila has followed the law and technology approach. She has been examining how the Russian government seeks to use the internet infrastructure to indirectly control online speech. In 2016-2018, Liudmila was a partner of the Russian Media Lab project, funded by Helsingin Sanomat Foundation and coordinated by the Aleksanteri Institute, Helsinki. Since 2018 she is a member of the Giganet / Global internet governance academic network.


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