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Docent, Faculty of Humanities
Art History, Musicology and Media Studies
FT, tutkija (PhD, Associate Professor, Senior researcher)
Trans*Creative: Health, Violence and Environment in Trans Cultural Production


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Areas of expertise

Transgender Studies
Narrative studies
Queer theory
Affect theories
Feminist pedagogy
Contemporary North American literature
Art Studies


I have worked in several multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary research projects at the School of History, Culture and Arts Studies as well as at the Department of Philosophy, Contemporary History and Political Science, University of Turku. After earning my Ph.D. in Comparative Literature in 2012, I have pursued my post-doctoral research in Gender Studies, worked as lecturer at the department of Comparative Literature and Gender Studies, and as senior researcher at the John Morton Center for North American Studies. 


My teaching has focused on Comparative Literature and Gender studies (basic and intermediate studies, Master Degree Program in Gender Studies, HILMA network for Gender Studies). I have also taught on collaborative multi- and transdisciplinary courses offered at the school of History, Culture, and Arts Studies, North American Studies Program and Sote-Academy (collaborative training platform for social, healtcare, education and teaching services).


My research focuses on gender studies, narrative studies, art studies and North American Studies. My current research interests include relations of gender, experience, embodiment and affects in trans cultural production and activism.


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Relationality in Intervews (2023)

Kähkönen Lotta, Straube WIbke, MacDonald James Lórien
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