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Birmoser Ferreira-Aulu
Project Researcher, Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC)
MA Futures Studies


+358 29 450 4092
+358 50 447 9871
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Areas of expertise

Futures Studies
Social Sciences
Intercultural Comunication, Sustainable Development
Scenario building
Belo Monte


Marianna Birmoser Ferreira-Aulu obtained her Master’s Degree in Futures Studies in 2017. Since then, she has been working as a project researcher for FFRC. Her background is in Social Sciences, Sustainable Development and Intercultural Communication Studies.

Marianna is interest in the connection between social, cultural and ecological aspects of development, and in how to move towards more just and sustainable futures.


List of projects & events Marianna has been involved in FFRC:

  • Manufacturing 4.0 [2019]
  • European Research Intrastructures in the International Landscape (RISCAPE) [2018-2019]
  • Native Crops for Innovative and Sustainable Food Futures in Peru and Colombia (HEI-ICI PECOLO)  [2018-2019]
  • UNESCO Chair in Learning Society and Futures of Education [2018]
  • Bioeconomy and Justice (BioEcoJust)  [2018]
  • Green Economy Transitions in the Least Developed Countries: Multi scale Analysis of Energy and Forest Use in Laos and Cambodia (GET-LDC)  [2017]
  • Futures Fair – Celebration the 25th Anniversary of FFRC  [2017]
  • “Futures for Food” Academic Conference - 15th International Conference of the Finland Futures Research Centre and the Finland Futures Academy, University of Turku [2013]

Marianna is involved in the following research groups and academic networks:

  • Amazon Research Team (UTU-ART) in the University of Turku.
  • Global South Network in the University of Turku.


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