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Doctoral Researcher, Cultural History and European and World History


Areas of expertise

Cultural history
history of popular music
gender history
Spanish history


I am a doctoral candidate in Cultural History at the University of Turku. My doctoral dissertation examines the construction of narratives in popular music and the ethical questions raised in this context. I am examining the topic through the authorship and music of Spanish singer-songwriter Christina Rosenvinge (b. 1964).


I worked as an assistant teacher in the Cultural History writing course in spring 2018.


My research interests include the connection between popular music and identity, the relation of gender to agency, and the fields of narrative ethics and power mechanisms. I am also interested in the history of Spain and Spanish-speaking countries. I am also drawn to the areas of phenomenology and hermeneutics.


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Toivon ja Raivon vuosi 1968 (2019)

Maarit Leskelä-Kärki, Marika Ahonen, Niko Heikkilä
(Toimitustyö tieteelliselle lehdelle, kokoomateokselle tai konferenssijulkaisulle (C2))