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Professor, Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC)


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Futures studies


Markku Wilenius is professor of futures studies in Turku University Business School. He has worked over 20 years with futures studies. In 2015 he co-founded Turku Complex Systems Institute at the University of Turku. In recent years his research interest include understanding socio-economic long-term waves, future of financial industry, future of forest industry and future of non-hierarchical organizations. His latest project is the future of cities and communities. He is the president of three foundations. He has also worked with Allianz, world largest private insurer, leading their strategic research and development. He is a member of Club of Rome and has led Finnish delegation in Johannesburg Sustainable Development Summit. He has published books and articles widely. His forthcoming book is called “Patterns of the Future. Understanding the Next 40 Years of Global Change” (World Scientific, London). His latest articles are: Wilenius, Markku (2015) The Next K-Wave and the Challenge of Global Democracy. Foresight Vol. 17, Issue 1, p. 35-52 Wilenius, Markku & Casti, John (2015). The Sixth K-Wave and the Shocks That May Upend It Technological Forecasting and Social Change Vol. 94, May 2015, Pages 335–349 Wilenius, Markku & Kurki, Sofi (2015). Ethics in the Sixth Wave: How New Ethical Companies will Transform Our Economies in the Coming Decades. Futures, Vol. 71, pp 146-158


Principal teacher on master degree of futures studies Courses currently: - foundations of futures studies - Strategic foresight -Systems thinking


- Future of cities and communities - Future of organizations - long socio-ecomomic waves - Societal pioneers


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