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Doctoral Candidate, Management and Organisation
Doctoral Researcher, Management and Organisation
Doctoral Researcher in BIODIFUL research project

Areas of expertise

meaningful work and life


I am an organisational scholar studying meaningfulness and specialized in Viktor E. Frankl's logotheory, that is, a normative theory of meaning and values connected to a distinct philosophy of man. Currently, I work in BIODIFUL (Biodiversity Respectful Leadership) research project funded by The Strategic Research Council (SRC) in the Academy of Finland. I started my doctoral studies in August 2019. 

I have studied and/or taught logotheory since 2008. Through this, I became aware of the necessity of the academic research on logotheory in the field of management and organization. Based on both literature and my own experience, I know that meaningfulness really matters to well-being – and beyond.


Organization science, University of Turku, School of Economics

  • JO3 Perspectives on Organizations, 2-4 ECTS, 2022 & 2023
  • JO1 Leadership, Performance and Wellbeing at Work. Lecture on meaningful work 2021-2023

Logotheory, The Finnish Institute of Logotherapy

  • Basic Studies in Logotherapy LTI®, 25 ECTS; 08/2015-05/2016; 01-12/2017; 09/2018–06/2019
  • Advanced Studies in Logotherapy LTI®, 30 ECTS; 08/2016-05/2017; 09/19–06/2020
  • Logotheory lectures for work advisors; a 3-day logotheory section once a year 2011-2014

Music business & entrepreneurship, The Sibelius Academy Educational Center

  • Music Entrepreneur and Music Business -course, director and principal teacher 20 credits, 2004-2005
  • Music Entrepreneur and Music Business -course, one of the principal teachers, 20 credits, 1997


    I work as a doctoral researcher in the BIODIFUL research project aiming to develop biodiversity-respectful leadership. 

    My research topic is meaningfulness. In my doctoral thesis, I piece together the theoretical framework of Viktor E. Frankl's logotheory and develop a logotheoretic lens for theorizing the phenomenon of meaningfulness. Building on the new theoretic lens, I also elaborate and suggest a typology for meaningfulness. My research generates novel theoretical insights into three pieces of literature, that is, meaningful work, meaningful life, and logotheory.

    Logotheory constitutes the theoretical foundation of logotherapy. My research builds on my prior career as a practitioner.


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    Addressing the biodiversity crisis via leadership – An interdisciplinary review, concept development & research agenda (Presentation at the Corporate Responsibility Research Conference (CRRC) 2023) (2023)

    Corporate Responsibility Research Conference, CRRC
    Teerikangas Satu, Sääksjärvi Ilari, Räikkönen Juulia, Salo Matti, Uusitalo Outi, Pecoraro Maria, Onkila Tiina, Puustinen Sari, Uusitalo Ville, Mäkelä Marileena, Unkila Milla, Salo Mia, Tyrväinen Liisa, Hopia Anu, Rouhiainen Henna, Svels Stina, Grenman Miia, Kuhmonen Irene, Ahvenharju Sanna, Lauttamäki Ville, Järviö Natasha, Tuomasjukka Saska, Turunen Marja, Veijalainen Anu, Sorakunnas Esko, Lappalainen Roni, Lappalainen Otto, Walhsten Aliisa, Luoma Tommi, Hakulinen Anna, Oksanen Hanna, Möksy Juulia, Kervinen Ville, Lehtovaara Katri
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    Salo Mia M. A.
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