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Doctoral Researcher, Department of Life Technologies
Doctoral Researcher, Molecular Plant Biology
Mgr. (Master's degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics)
Photosynthetic Microbes research group

Areas of expertise

whole-cell biotransformation


Erasmus+ Traineeship (2018 - 2019) at Bioprocess Engineering group - supervised by prof. Maria Barbosa

Project: Tailored microalgae as sustainable oil crop producing platforms

Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen, the Netherlands

Masters in Molecular Biology and Genetics (2017 - 2020)

Thesis: Development and analysis of seawater microalgae novel mutant lines using modern breeding methods

Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

Bachelor in Molecular Biology and Genetics (2014 - 2017)

Thesis: Utilisation of non-canonical amino acids in protein engineering

Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic


The current pace of the use of fossil fuels is unsustainable from several points of view. Be it the political implications of resource dependency or the severe impacts on our climate and environment. Photosynthetic microorganisms provide a promising alternative feedstock for various applications, such as biofuels, fine chemicals or high-value compounds. However, more research is needed to make them
economically competitive.

My project attempts to fill a knowledge gap within the field of whole-cell biocatalysis. by understanding the cell’s response to electron sink engineering and explaining the underlying regulation of photosynthesis in nonstandard conditions. The first results suggest the active enzyme's substantial effect on the photosynthetic apparatus. The second half will focus on engineering attempts to enhance biocatalytic efficiency. The outcomes of my project will push the transition towards green chemicals by providing knowledge and concrete strain development strategies. 


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