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Project Researcher, Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC)
M.Sc. (Pol. Science)


+358 29 450 4653
+358 50 513 6636
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Areas of expertise

Industry 4.0
Technology foresight
energy policy
climate policy
Research Infrastructures


I have an academic background in Political Science with a MSc.-thesis on Danish Foreign- and Security Policy in the Arctic Region (written at Danish Institute for International Affairs). Prior to joining Finland Futures Research Centre, I worked extensively with climate policy and energy policy for a major Danish trade organisation, and e.g. acted as appointed member in several Danish government advisory groups on energy policy and regulation. 

I am keen to link promotion of sustainability with new strategic business opportunities and increased competitive advantages. This is also at the core of my research at FFRC.


Identifying and filtering strategic opportunities for Finland related to emerging technologies and the future of manufacturing for the project 'Manufacturing 4.0 - Strategies for technological, economic, educational and social policy adoption' (http://mfg40.fi/), supported by Strategic Research Council of the Academy of Finland (2018-20223).

Other research projects:

01/2021-: Post-COVID19 Consumer Behaviour (Foresight on Demand / European Commission). 

12/2018-: Platforms for Big Data Foresight (Research Council of Lithuania)

2017-2019-: European Research Infrastructures in the International Landscape (RISCAPE) (Horizon 2020)

2016 - 2019: Saving Cooperative Energy (SCOoPE) (Horizon 2020).  


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