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Organic Chemistry


M.Sc. 1994; Ph.D. 1999 (Bioorganic chemistry); Adjunct Professor 2006 (Physical organic chemistry)

Senior Lecturer since 2006


KEMI6110 Organic Chemistry

KEMI6124 B.Sc.Laboratory Project, Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology


Structurally modified nucleotides have received attention as a means to combat against viral infections, cancer and hereditary diseases. The research is focused on pro-drug models of nucleotides. The goal is to develop the degradable lipophilic carriers which are used to improve the cellular membrane penetration of the negatively charged nucleotides. To obtain mechanistic information on the chemical hydrolysis and enzymatic cleavage of the protecting groups, the kinetic studies of the pro-drugs are of interest.

The small RAS oncoproteins play a crucial role in human cancers and are, hence, a target in anticancer drug discovery. In spite of numerous efforts, a direct small-molecule signalling inhibitor drug of mutant RAS has not been able to develop. The aim of the study is to provide a potent method to suppress oncogenic RAS signalling with phosphotriester derivatives.


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Stability of the Phosphotriester PDE6D Inhibitors (2021)

Rosenqvist Petja, Sabt Ahmed, Dyunyasheva Venera, Abankwa Daniel, Virta Pasi, Ora Mikko
(Vertaisarvioitu alkuperäisartikkeli tai data-artikkeli tieteellisessä aikakauslehdessä (A1))

PDE6D Inhibitors with a New Design Principle Selectively Block K-Ras Activity (2020)

ACS Omega
Farid A. Siddiqui, Catharina Alam, Petja Rosenqvist, Mikko Ora, Ahmed Sabt, Ganesh babu Manoharan, Lakshman Bindu, Sunday Okutachi, Marie Catillon, Troy Taylor, Omaima M. Abdelhafez, Harri Lönnberg, Andrew G. Stephen, Anastassios C. Papageorgiou, Pasi Virta, Daniel Abankwa
(Vertaisarvioitu alkuperäisartikkeli tai data-artikkeli tieteellisessä aikakauslehdessä (A1))