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Open University and Continuous Learning
Senior Researcher, Management and Organisation
Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration


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Areas of expertise

philosophy of science
organizational capabilities


Currently I work as a research manager in the Laboratory of Business Disruption in CCR after defending my dissertation “Strategizing in the New Normal” in November 2018. With a background in strategic communications, management consulting, board work and entrepreneurship I value interventionist research virtues that seek contributions to both theory and practice. My research interests include digitalization as a sociotechnical trinity of technological systems, humans and perceptions, strategy as a process and practice, organizational capabilities and philosophy of science. Prior to the doctoral degree in economics and administration I hold the degrees of Executive Master of Business and Administration (EMBA) and Master of Music (MMus), in addition to being a certified board member (HHJ).


My research can be positioned in the nexus of international business, strategic management, information systems and futures research streams. My theoretical contribution aims are integrative: in my research I wish to connect the dots of existing atomistic knowledge in order to facilitate understanding the bigger picture.


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Addressing the biodiversity crisis via leadership – An interdisciplinary review, concept development & research agenda (Presentation at the Corporate Responsibility Research Conference (CRRC) 2023) (2023)

Corporate Responsibility Research Conference, CRRC
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