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Doctoral Student, Laboratory of Theoretical Physics
Project Researcher, Materials Engineering
PhD student, project researcher
Laboratory of theoretical physics and the LMD group (luminous materials and devices)


Areas of expertise

open quantum systems
quantum information
linear optics


Though I have lived in Turku for almost three decades now, I never forget to mention that I was actually born in Tampere (1992). Fast forward to present, I'm married with two daughters and a dog, and I work as a project researcher in the group of luminous materials and devices.

I guess my interest in physics (and especially theoretical physics, from which I'm soon getting my PhD) has something to do with my passion for problem solving and the awe of discovery; It really is miraculous how much you can make sense of Nature with just pen, paper, and wit (and Mathematica).

When I'm not in Quantum studying decoherence or triplet harvesting - or with my family - you can probably find me from the local taekwondo gym.


I ran the exercise classes of Quantum Mechanics 1A in 2020-2023 and lectured Quantum Information in 2023.


My doctoral dissertation ("Decoherence and reservoir engineering in linear optical systems") was about modeling open-system dynamics and decoherence with linear optics. Decoherence is commonly seen as bad, as it destroys the delicate quantum properties important for many applications, but here I found ways to use it for good. For example, I showed how to improve precision in parameter estimation with decoherence.

Currently, I'm working as a project researcher in the LMD group. I try to find out if the concepts of open quantum systems can help in understanding OLEDs, electrical injection, and triplet harvesting with polaritons.


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