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Professor, Laws
professor, S.J.D. (Harv.), Lic.Phil., LL.M., M.Sc.


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Areas of expertise

International law
global law and policy
critical theory


Professor Korhonen, MSc, LL.M, Lic.Phil, SJD, obtained her doctorate at Harvard Law School. Her main area of expertise is international law. Korhonen has worked in academia and in government, She is Docent at the Universities of Helsinki and Eastern Finland (Finland). She has taught at Boston University (Brussels), Universite Libre de Bruxelles, and American University (Cairo) as well as in the Sciences Po Universite intensive doctoral summer program in law; she serves as core faculty in the Institute of Global Law and Policy (Harvard Law School) and as a member on a number of editorial boards of academic journal/yearbooks. Her teaching spans over a variety of international and law subjects including: 
-general international law
-human rights
-international and EU environmental regulation
-foreign relations regulation
-crisis and post-conflict governance
Korhonen has advised on EU-compatible law-drafting in Eastern Europe; prepared human rights and civics manuals in Kosovo, and participated in a joint Scandinavian project to support the rehabilitation of former combatants. Her research interests are global comprising topics of law and policy, critical theory and philosophy including methodology, and law and culture. Korhonen's publications include 6 books and she is author of more than 50 scholarly articles and book chapters. She has administrative experience from the Finnish government and the EU having held appointments as Legal Adviser to the Government Financial Controller General and Research Counsellor with the EU.


All levels of international law: introduction, advanced, master's thesis, doctoral studies

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