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Docent, Faculty of Humanities


Areas of expertise

Teaching of Romanian and French as second languages. Intercultural Studies (Finnish-Romanian) French and Francophone Literature. Futures Studies. Interdisciplinary Studies on the Human Body (Bodiology)


I was educated in Romania and France, and my work experience is equaly split between tertiary education in Finland and Romania. I have a doctorate degree in philology and I was granted the title of Docent (dosentti) in Romanian Studies by the University of Turku. 


At the School of Languages and Translation Studies at UTU, I have taught the totality of courses included in the Romanian Minor (perusopinnot), with an emphasis on practical courses (Grammar, Oral and Written Expression, Practical Clinic Course, and Courses for Beginners). At the same time, I have supervised students' essays and articles (later published) on several topics related to Romanian culture


My research nowadays focuses on Romanian Studies, which represents the interdisciplinary study of Romanian-based cultural phenomena, ususally as seen from outside Romania. Previously, my research was conducted as well in the field of teaching of French and Romanian languages and literatures. Another field I am currently dedicating myself to is the Futures Studies and the interdisciplinary studies on the body. I have authored and edited several research papers and books on these topics, usually in partnership with researchers from the Universities of Poznan (Poland), Granada (Spain) and Lisbon (Portugal).


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