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Associate Professor, Molecular Plant Biology
Associate Professor


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Areas of expertise

Arabidopsis thaliana
post-translational modifications
ferredoxin-NADP+ oxidoreductase
photosynthetic electron transfer


I am responsible for the teaching curriculum of Master´s Programme in Digital Health and Life Sciences - Molecular Systems Biology track. Additionally, I teach molecular plant biology courses in BSc and MSc programmes.


Photosynthetic reactions are basis of all life on Earth. I aim at clarifying how the reducing power produced by light reactions of photosynthesis is mediated to stromal metabolism and how these reactions are regulated under various environmental cues. I am also studying the impact of post-translational modifications of chloroplast proteins on the regulation of photosynthetic reactions.


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Dual lysine and N-terminal acetyltransferases reveal the complexity underpinning protein acetylation (2020)

Molecular Systems Biology
Willy V Bienvenut, Annika Brünje, Jean‐Baptiste Boyer, Jens S Mühlenbeck, Gautier Bernal, Ines Lassowskat, Cyril Dian, Eric Linster, Trinh V Dinh, Minna M Koskela, Vincent Jung, Julian Seidel, Laura K Schyrba, Aiste Ivanauskaite, Jürgen Eirich, Rüdiger Hell, Dirk Schwarzer, Paula Mulo, Markus Wirtz, Thierry Meinnel, Carmela Giglione, Iris Finkemeier
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