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Turku Bioscience Centre
InFLAMES Flagship
Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Biomedicine
InFLAMES Group Leader, Adjunct Professor


+358 29 450 4431
Tykistökatu 6

Areas of expertise

B cells
Antigen receptor signaling
Cell biology
Actin cytoskeleton
Plasma membrane
Advanced microscopy



MSc in Biochemistry 2002 (University of Oulu, Finland)

PhD in Genetics 2008 (University of Helsinki)

Postdoc: Cancer Research UK, London Research Institute 2008-2012

Adjunct Professor: 2014

Principal Investigator positions:

Group leader in the InFLAMES research flagship 2022-> (University of Turku)

Academy of Finland Research Fellow 2016-2022 (University of Turku)

Special Researcher of Turku Colleague of Science and Medicine 2012-2016 (University of Turku)


I am lecturing on various Master’s and PhD level courses on topics including the adaptive immune system, cell signaling, cytoskeleton, and microscopy. I have been involved in designing new courses targeted for PhD students and postdocs. I have done University Pedagogics 1 course to develop my pedagogic skills. At every day level, I am supervising doctoral students, postdocs, as well as guide Master’s thesis projects.


B lymphocytes are key cells in mounting the adaptive immune response by differentiating into antibody secreting plasma cells. Our group is interested in the molecular mechanisms of B lymphocyte activation, with emphasis on receptor activation and its immediate cell biological responses, culminating at the reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton, plasma membrane and intracellular vesicle traffic. In our research, we take advantage of both in vivo models and various advanced imaging techniques, including super-resolution microscopy, as well as modern proteomic approaches such as APEX2 proximity biotinylation.

More information about our projects, including our publications, can be found at: http://mattilalab.utu.fi.


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Democratising deep learning for microscopy with ZeroCostDL4Mic (2021)

Nature Communications
von Chamier Lucas, Laine Romain F, Jukkala Johanna, Spahn Christoph, Krentzel Daniel, Nehme Elias, Lerche Martina, Hernández-Pérez Sara, Mattila Pieta K, Karinou Eleni, Holden Séamus, Solak Ahmet Can, Krull Alexander, Buchholz Tim-Oliver, Jones Martin L, Royer Loïc A, Leterrier Christophe, Shechtman Yoav, Jug Florian, Heilemann Mike, Jacquemet Guillaume, Henriques Ricardo
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