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Research Coordinator, Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC)
MA; Research Coordinator


+358 29 450 3990
+358 50 304 2772
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Areas of expertise

Cultural and Futures Studies
Qualitative Research and Methodology
Participatory Methodology
Futures Workshops
Scenario Process
Futures of Food
Cultural Models of Forests


I have Master of Arts degree in Cultural Studies/ Comparative Religion and have studied also Futures studies in the Univeristy of Turku in Finland. Since my Master´s thesis, which dealt cultural models of forests of the forest professionals, I have been focusing to study futures of food. I have participated to several research and development projects on futures of food consumption.  My other interests concern e.g. forest and sustainability issues. Through participation in several research and development projects in Finland Futures Research Centre at the University of Turku I have experience in other areas as well. I have also been coordinating academic and international Futures Conferences of FFRC and FFA.   


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