INVEST flagship


Areas of expertise

Population ecology
Community ecology
Mental health of children and youth
Strongest Families parent training


I graduated with MSc in biodiversity and conservation from the university of Leeds, England. In 2013 I defended my doctoral thesis in ecology at the university of Turku. My thesis work focused on interactions between plants and herbivores (small mammals and insects) at population as well as community level on buffer zones in agricultural landscape.

Currently I am working as a postdoctoral researcher in the research center for child psychiatry. My duties are related to the Voimaperheet (engl. Strongest families) parent training program, which is being implemented into primary health care. More recently I have started working in a cross-cultural study of mental health literacy, which involves several countries in different continents. The study is at the planning phase and the aim is to evaluate a digitalized intervention designed to improve mental health awareness, knowledge, attitudes and help-seeking of 1st year medical students.


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