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Doctoral Researcher, Department of Life Technologies
Project Researcher, Biotechnology
We isolated high affinity anti-immunocomplex antibodies and developed several improved immunoassay based tools to detect cyanotoxins. Currently we are applying our methods to monitor local lakes.


Areas of expertise

cyanotoxin monitoring from environmental water, molecuar biotechnology and diagnostics
antibody enginneering
synthetic antibody library
phage display technology, immunossay development.


Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics.

Development of improved diagnostics tools for cyanobacterial toxins such as microcystin, nodularin etc.

Monitoring cyanobacterial toxins from water and environmental sample.

Assay development for small molecules: such as environmental contaminats.

Isolation of binders from synthetic antibody library.

Antibody engineering.

Phage display.


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