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Academy Research Fellow, Ecology and Evolution Biology
Adjunct Professor, Ecology and Evolution Biology
PhD, adjunct professor


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+358 50 434 9168
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Areas of expertise

Evolutionary ecology
physiological ecology
ecotoxicology and environmental ecology
behavioral ecology;epigenetics
avian ecology


2015-2020    Academy of Finland research fellow, Univ Turku 2012-2015    Academy of Finland postdoc researcher, Netherlands Institute of ecology/University of Groningen, NL 2010-2012    Post-doctoral researcher, Univ Turku 2007-2010     PhD, Univ Turku


Ecology and evolutionary biology:


Vertebrate ecology research (BIOL2204)

Seminars in Biology (BIOL5200)


My research fields are at the intersection of evolutionary ecology, ecophysiology and behavioral and environmental ecology. I am broadly interested in the proximate physiological mechanisms underlying variation in phenotypic, behavioral and fitness traits and their plasticity. I want to understand how physiologically-regulated traits enable organismal adaptation to changing environmental conditions and play a part in species interactions, potentially even affecting population processes. I am also interested in how interactions with microbes (gut microbiome) relate to phenotypic variation in wild populations.  I further want to understand more broadly how various early-life environmental conditions affects offspring development and fitness with a specific interest in non-genetic inheritance, such as maternal effects and epigenetics

Current group members:

Post-docs: Bin-Yan Hsu (UTU), Antoine Stier (UTU)

PhD students: Tom Sarraude (UTU/University of Gronigen)

MSc students: Venla Kuosmanen (JYU), Maiju Uusitalo (UTU), Nina Cossin Sevrin (Uni Strasbourg)

BSc students: Ida Palmroos (UTU)

Technicians: Rusul Al-Kahachi (UTU)


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