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Adjunct Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Docent, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
PhD, adjunct professor


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Areas of expertise

Evolutionary ecology
physiological ecology
ecotoxicology and environmental ecology
behavioral ecology;epigenetics
avian ecology


2015-2020    Academy of Finland research fellow, Univ Turku 2012-2015    Academy of Finland postdoc researcher, Netherlands Institute of ecology/University of Groningen, NL 2010-2012    Post-doctoral researcher, Univ Turku 2007-2010     PhD, Univ Turku


Ecology, evolutionary biology, physiology:


Vertebrate ecology research (BIOL2204)

Seminars in Biology (BIOL5200)

Ecotoxicology (FYGE2060)

Presenting and Publishing Data (BIOL5201)


My research fields are at the intersection of evolutionary ecology, ecophysiology and behavioral and environmental ecology. I am broadly interested in the proximate physiological mechanisms underlying variation in phenotypic, behavioral and fitness traits and their plasticity. I want to understand how physiologically-regulated traits enable organismal adaptation to changing environmental conditions and play a part in species interactions, potentially even affecting population processes. I am also interested in how interactions with microbes (gut microbiome) relate to phenotypic variation in wild populations.  I further want to understand more broadly how various early-life environmental conditions affects offspring development and fitness with a specific interest in non-genetic inheritance, such as maternal effects and epigenetics

Current group members:

Post-docs: Bin-Yan Hsu (UTU), Antoine Stier (UTU)

PhD students: Tom Sarraude (UTU/University of Gronigen), Nina Cossin-Sevrin (UTU)

MSc students: Lotta Holmen (UTU), Mark Verschuuren (NIOO, NL), Lyydia Leino (UTU)

BSc students: Mikaela Hukkanen (UTU)

Visiting:  Coline Marciau 


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