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Assistant Professor, Laws
Rikosoikeuden dosentti


Areas of expertise

Criminal Law
Criminal Law Theory
Basic Principles of Criminal Law
Criminal Procedural Law
The impact of Fundamental Rights on Criminal Law


Tatu Hyttinen works as an Assistant Professor in Criminal Law (tenure track) at the University of Turku. Hyttinen also holds the Title of Docent in Criminal Law at the University of Turku.

Previously, Hyttinen has worked, inter alia, as a Doctoral Candidate, Posdoctoral Researcher, Senior Researcher and Senior Lecturer in Criminal and Procedural Law (University of Turku) and as a Senior Lecturer in Criminal Law (University of Eastern Finland). Hyttinen has been trained on the bench and in addition to his academic tasks, he has worked in expert tasks related to criminal law and as a fixed-term District Court Judge. In 2019–2023, Hyttinen is a member of the National Non-Discrimination and Equality Tribunal of Finland.


Hyttinen is the responsible teacher in Criminal Law and thus holds the responsibility for the basic, intermediate and advanced studies in Criminal Law. Hyttinen also enjoys participating in postgraduate education and supplementary training in law.

At the University of Turku, Hyttinen was awarded in 2017 the Teacher of the Year title by the Law students’ association Lex ry. Hyttinen has also completed pedagogical teacher studies.


Hyttinen is extensively interested in Criminal Law and criminality. Hyttinen has written and edited independently and with other researchers numerous books and scientific articles. In his research, Hyttinen has examined e.g. Criminal Law Theory and the General Principles of Criminal Law, money laundering, hate crime and the impact of fundamental and human rights on Criminal Law. Hyttinen’s research is characterised by multi-disciplinarity and dialogue between theory and practice.


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