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Docent, Department of Nursing Science
Senior Researcher, Department of Nursing Science
Research Fellow in Mental Health at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK


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Areas of expertise

Mental health
psychiatric nursing
violence risk assessment
violence risk management
violence prevention
patient involvement, COVID-19 & restrictions


I’m working as a part-time Senior Researcher at the Department of Nursing Science. I have a doctoral degree in health science and I'm a registered nurse. I held the title of Adjunct Professor in Mental Health Nursing Science. My full-time position is at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.

My current main research focuses on developing and testing a new method for violence risk management in psychiatric hospital care, to increase patient engagement, self-determination and decrease violent incidents and use of coercive methods. I'm also part of European network COST Action FOSTREN focusing on coercive methods in mental health settings and how to implement coercion reduction programs in the most effective ways. I'm acting as a Science Communication Manager for that network and I'm a core group member of the Action.

Additionally, I'm interested on COVID-19 pandemic's impact on people's mental health and how they perceived restrictions during the pandemic period. I'm also involved in a project aiming to promote the mental health of asylum seekers and refugees.


Mental health nursing science


Global health

Project management


My research focuses on psychiatric nursing and mental health care. More spesifically, I'm interested in evidence-based practice, reducing coercion in care, violence risk assessment, violence prevention and management - in those areas my research mainly focuses on both in Finland and in Hong Kong (China SAR). I'm also involved in European comission H2020- funded project aiming to promote mental health of asylum seekers and refugees (Re-define)


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