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Docent, School of History, Culture and Arts Studies
Academy Research Fellow, History and Archaelogy
Tekniikan historian dosentti



I am Academy Research Fellow and an adjunct professor for the history of technology (title of docent). My project The Majority without a Motor is funded by the Academy of Finland for the period of 2021–2026 and studies the history of Finnish living environments from the perspective of spatial equality and non-motorised mobility. 2021–2024 I am also the leader of the project Whose City that studies attempts for equality and justice in urban environments, funded by the Kone Foundation.


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Puhuva Talbot kertoo suhteesta koneisiin (2023)

Lastuja Suomen historiasta: Turun yliopiston Suomen historian oppiaineen blogi
Männistö-Funk Tiina
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Lapset liikenneongelmana (2023)

Lapsuuden historiaa
Männistö-Funk Tiina
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