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PostDoctoral Researcher, ​Department of Computing


Areas of expertise

Reality Guides
Interaction Design


Principles of Interaction Design, 2015–


Currently working on my Ph.D. thesis on "Life Before Death". The Life Before Death programme targets adult people, who due to illness or injury are aware that they only have a few months to live before they die. The programme aims to design for these people a digital service to help them and their close ones make the best possible out of the remaining time, whatever this means to them.

As a part of this work, and beyond it, I am studying interactive storytelling, game design and software design in general.

I am also looking into artificial intelligence and consciousness.


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Supporting academic engagement through immersive technologies (2022)

International Conference on Education and New Developments, Education and New Developments
Suero Montero Calkin, Goagoses Naska, Winschiers-Theophilus Heike, Pope Nicolas, Suovuo Tomi, Rötkönen Erkki, Sutinen Erkki
(Vertaisarvioitu artikkeli konferenssijulkaisussa (A4))

The Game Experience Model (GEM) (2020)

Tomi “bgt” Suovuo, Natasha Skult, Tapani N. Joelsson, Petter Skult, Werner Ravyse, Jouni Smed
(Vertaisarvioitu artikkeli kokoomateoksessa (A3))