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Project Researcher, Materials Engineering
Doctoral Student, Materials Engineering
M.Sc in Applied Chemistry

Areas of expertise

Li-ion Batteries
Solid-state reactions


I'm Vahid Abbasi from Iran. During my Master's, I've worked on cathode active materials using in Li-ion batteries at Amirkabir University of Technology (2017-2020). I got my B.Eng, A.Eng, and Diploma in Chemical Industry.

Since Oct 2022 I'm working on redox flow batteries as a doctoral researcher at University of Turku. 


I have a 2-year experience in teaching as a Lab manager at Hooshmand private high school.


I'm working on Membrane-less Redox Flow Batteries (MRFBs). MRFBs offer several advantages over conventional RFBs, including lower cost and complexity, higher power density, and improved efficiency due to reduced mass transport losses and lower resistance in interphace. However, MRFBs also face several challenges, including the need for careful electrolyte selection and management to maintain stable performance and prevent crossover, and the potential for unwanted side reactions at the electrode surfaces.