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Project Researcher, Materials Engineering
Doctoral Researcher, Materials Engineering
M.Sc in Applied Chemistry
Biphasic Flow Batteries. Li-ion Batteries

Areas of expertise

Li-ion Batteries
Solid-state reactions


I'm Vahid Abbasi from Iran. During my Master's, I've worked on cathode active materials using in Li-ion batteries at Amirkabir University of Technology (2017-2020). I got my B.Eng, A.Eng, and Diploma in Chemical Industry.

Since Oct 2022 I'm working on redox flow batteries as a doctoral researcher at University of Turku. 

Biphasic Flow batteries and the liquid-liquid interface are my topics for years 2023-2024.


 A 2-year experience in teaching as a Lab manager at Hooshmand private high school.


I'm working on biphasic and triphasic membrane-less redox flow batteries. Biphasic and triphasic membrane-less redox flow batteries utilize immiscible electrolytes to form distinct phases, eliminating the need for traditional membranes. They offer potential cost savings, improved efficiency, and reduced membrane-related issues. Ongoing research aims to optimize their performance and contributing to sustainable and efficient energy storage solutions in the future.