Chatbot Privacy Notice

Purpose of processing data

A virtual assistant, also known as a chatbot, is a service designed to assist users seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Our chatbot assists with services related to the University of Turku and, if needed, will direct the user to more detailed instructions and any necessary contact information. In some cases, the virtual assistant also offers the ability to directly contact the people responsible for a given service by chat. The assistant is available in both internal and public services at the University of Turku. Some of the instructions linked to by the bot are internal to the university, and in those cases the user must log in to the university’s services upon opening the link. There is no authentication within the virtual assistant itself.

Legal basis for data processing

Customer-based legitimate interest in quality of service and business development (Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679 Article 6f)

Contact Information of the data controller

University of Turku IT Services,, 029 450 6000

Personal data categories

The service does not require authentication. To send a contact request from the conversation, the user's email address is required. No other function contained in it requires the user's personal information.Conversations with the bot create a unique Chat ID, which cannot be associated with a person unless he or she enters his or her personal information into the service. The Chat ID allows one to see what questions the user asked in each individual session and what answers the virtual assistant provided. As the contact request requires the user’s email address, the Chat ID of that particular session can be associated with the user’s email address. Sending a service request from the service is voluntary and is not available on all Chatbots.

The use of the service generates log entries that are used to maintain the information security of the service, to develop the service, and to detect, prevent, and resolve malfunctions (917/2014 §§ 138, 141, 144, 272). The logs shall be kept for the time necessary for these purposes and shall not be used for any other purpose.

Retention period

Queries are automatically stored for 365 days.

If the conversation is sent as a contact request, the information will be retained according to the Service Desk policy.

Data handlers

The data is processed internally at the University of Turku. The service provider GetJenny ( also has access to the system and the information it collects.

Possible transfer of information outside the EU or EEA

The service information is located on GetJenny's servers. The servers are located on the Amazon Web Service in Ireland (AWS EU West (Ireland)) (

Automatic decision making

The service does not make automatic decisions. Information related to your use of the Service is not used for decision-making or profiling purposes and is not associated with user information.

Publicity or confidentiality

Chat histories and related information are confidential customer service communications, and thus are accessible only to those who need that information to perform their job regarding the service or the content of a given conversation.

Right of access, right of correction, right to be forgotten, right of restriction, right to object

The data subject has the right to access their personal data retained by the Data Controller, the right to rectification or erasure of data, and the right to restrict and object the processing of data.
The data subject shall have the right to appeal to the supervisory authority.

Data Protection Officer of the University of Turku

Principles of personal data protection

The principles of protecting personal data are described on a separate page: