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TIAS researchers embrace a wide range of approaches to research within and beyond the humanities and social sciences and are committed to interdisciplinary working. Here current and former researchers provide introductions to their research.

Medicine and Mothercraft: Urban India & Transnational Histories of ‘Scientific’ Motherhood

Improving our Long-Term Co-Existence with Philosophical Health

Making-Sense of our Lives through Philosophical Dialogue

Academic Freedom and Freedom of Learning: Migrated Scholars Narrate

Exploring sustainable transformation in the shipbuilding industry

Shaping Sustainable Markets: Kaartemo's Research Project

Tracing the Conceptual History of Antifeminism

Language carries cultural memory of human evolution

Former Fellows

TIAS researcher Juha Salmitaival examines how people could get their cognition under control

Technologies allow participation and learning on nature

TIAS is the best medicine againts academic tunnel vision

TIAS has allowed me to fully concentrate on my research

Historian draws the map of romanticism

An engaged researcher is searching for social change

Relics materialise memory