Welcome to TIAS by the Director


Mission Statement

Turku Institute for Advanced Studies (TIAS) is an interdisciplinary research institute which aims to promote and develop the careers of early- and mid-career researchers by enabling them to undertake autonomous, cutting-edge, research projects of their own design through the provision of funded fellowship positions which are supported by a research bursary.

The mission of the Turku Institute for Advanced Studies is to provide outstanding scholars with the time, support and resources to undertake groundbreaking research into complex questions that cannot be addressed from a single disciplinary perspective.

In order to achieve this, TIAS:

  1. Promotes interdisciplinary work amongst its Fellows and provides a focus for interdisciplinary working at the University of Turku.
  2. Promotes “blue skies” thinking by allowing researchers to pursue their own projects in whatever direction they choose.
  3. Promotes internationalisation via a range of activities including seeking to recruit internationally, funding international visits by its researchers, funding Visiting Scholars and working with Scholars at Risk.
  4. Promotes career development via the provision of bespoke mentoring and career guidance.
  5. Promotes societal impact via a range of events and activities.