Doctoral Programme in Languages and Translation Studies – for the Doctoral Candidate

Utuling offers for the students

Utuling research seminar and thematic seminars

A research seminar devided into thematic seminars focusing on various areas of a researcher's knowledge and skills. The purpose of the seminar is to encourage a discussion about research, exceeding departmental boundaries, and to promote cooperation between researchers who are at different stages of their careers.

The thematic seminars are:

  • Translation Studies seminar

  • Seminar for philology and language history

  • Use of language

  • Research seminar, Finnish

  • Research seminar, English

Utuling research day

Utuling research day, which aims at strengthening one's researcher identity and providing a possibility to ask burning questions related to one's research field is organised every semester. It brings together both the doctoral students and supervisors. Next  Research Day is organised 10 May 2019.

> Research Day 2019

>Utuling-Day programme


Courses and activities

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> Utuling and Juno (Doctoral Programme in History, Culture and Arts Studies) organize joint courses and activities such as Welcome Day for new students every semester.


Supervision is a central element in postgraduate studies. Familiarize yourself with the Faculty of Humanities' recommendations concerning the supervision

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