Doctoral Programme in Languages and Translation Studies (Utuling)

The Doctoral Programme Utuling's goals


  • providing education for all graduate students of the School of Languages and Translation Studies
  • assisting them in their dissertation work
  • helping them to commit themselves to the community of researchers within  the School and to network with the research community at large
  • deepening their expertise in their fields of specialty

The graduate students areas of research belong to linguistic, translation and literary scholarship and to other humanistic studies, and their approach is often multi- or cross-disciplinary.
The School of Languages and Translation Studies has eight departments and in in Utuling we have ten majors.

Utuling Majors
  • Applied Language Studies
  • Latin Philology / Greek Philology (Classics)
  • Digital Language Studies
  • English
  • Finnish / Finno-Ugric Languages
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Scandinavian Languages
  • Spanish
  • Translation Studies
Utuling board

The board of Utuling includes following memebers from 1 August 2019 onwards: Professor Leena Kolehmainen (director of Utuling), Professor Tuomas Huumo, Professor Outi Paloposki, Professor Matti Peikola, Professor Jyri Vaahtera, University lecturer Janne Korkka, University lecturer Hanna Lantti, doctoral candidate Minerva Piha, doctoral candidate Lotta Aarikka and as secretary, coordinator Meri Heinonen.

Salaried positions - fall 2019

Utuling received 11 applications for salaried positions in fall 2019.

The selected persons were
Arjopalo, Nana, for period 1.5.2020–31.10.2020
Suomalainen, Karita, for period 1.1.2020–30.6.2020
Teeri-Niknammoghadam, Krista, for period 1.5.2020–31.10.2020

Reserve places:
1. Norja, Sara
2. Hansen, Ira
3. Tupala, Mira