First Article Language Checking Service - FALCS

The University of Turku Language Centre, in co-operation with UTUGS, offers first article language checking service for UTU Doctoral Candidates. If you are writing your first monograph, you can send a 5 000 word section of it to be checked. The service uses the Moodle environment to send and store the texts - see the Terms of Use (below) for further instructions.
The aim of this service is to give Doctoral Candidates currently writing their first article for publication the chance to have their text checked by a native speaker of English. They will also be able to have a short consultation with the language expert to evaluate the text and discuss the corrections that need to be made.


To qualify for this new service:

  • you are working on your first article for publication (in English) -  nb! you can also send a part of your monograph (max. 5000 words) to be checked
  • it is a ‘first order’ article (you have main responsibility for it)
  • the article is ready for publication except for language checking
  • you are an active and current Doctoral Candidate at the University of Turku

TERMS OF USE - please read this carefully

  1. This free service operates on a strictly first-come, first-served basis. It is open to all Doctoral Candidates of the University of Turku who are writing their FIRST article for publication.
  2. Texts will be dealt with in the order in which they come.
  3. We have limited capacity, so you may have to wait, depending on volume.
  4. PLEASE ENSURE ALL YOUR CONTACT DATA AND THE NAME OF YOUR SUPERVISOR ARE IN THE TEXT. Then, upload your text (see point 11 for instructions). A message will be sent automatically to our staff.
  5. You will then receive a message to say if your text can be accepted immediately and when you can expect to get your text back.
  6. Checking time is one week, after which you will be contacted to arrange a meeting for you to get your text back and receive feedback.
  7. The whole process will last a maximum of two weeks.
  8. If we cannot accept your text immediately, due to high demand, you will receive an email to inform you if we can take it at a later date (and when that will be).
  9. We reserve the right not to accept texts if our capacity is not sufficient.
  10. We will, of course, make all efforts to ensure a smooth-running service.
  11. ACCESS:

To access this service that operates through Moodle use the link here:

Enrollment key: falcs2013