English is an official language in almost a third of countries in the world and is spoken by about 20% of the world's population. What is particularly interesting is that only about 360 million people have English as their first language, but around a billion people have it as a second or other language. This means most conversations in English occur between multilingual speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds.

The spread and range of English means it is a vital language in the modern world, crossing countries and cultures. It is by far the most used language on the internet and is also the most common language in international business and the publication of research. Whatever you study and whatever you plan to do in the future, it is likely English will play a role.

English language teaching at the Centre for Language and Communication Studies (CeLCS) focuses on maintaining and improving your existing English language skills and extending your English abilities in your field of study. As well as general language improvement, English language teaching will help you to develop academic skills and consolidate knowledge about how to use English in the academic sphere and beyond. From finding academic sources to developing logically sound academic arguments, the English program at CeLCS will enable you to succeed in your studies and beyond. 

English courses prepare you to work in international, intercultural environments in Finland or abroad. You will be encouraged to take ownership of your English learning and to find opportunities outside of class. This will help you to develop your proficiency in general and your field of study specifically.

Courses Offered

Masters & Doctorate Courses

All Faculty

KIEN2024 English: Academic Writing Skills , 2 ECTS 

KIEN2026 Online English: Academic Writing Skills , 2 ECTS 

KIEN2027 Online English: Extended Essay , 1 ECTS

KIEN3021 English Language Support for Thesis Writing , 2 ECTS 

KIEN3023 English: Academic Writing for Researchers , 2 ECTS 

KIEN3024 English: Writing Grant Proposals , 2 ECTS 

KIEN3025 English: Grammar for Academic Writing , 2 ECTS 

KIEN3041 English: Academic Presentation Skills , 2 ECTS 

KIEN3321 English: Advanced Academic Writing , 3 ECTS 

KIEN3341 English Oral Presentation Skills , 3 ECTS 


Faculty of Education

KIEN3711 Academic Reading Skills, 1 ECTS 


Faculty of Law

KIEN3623 Legal English: Module 3, 3 ECTS 

KIEN3624 Legal English: Module 4, 3 ECTS 


Faculty of Medicine

KIEN2025 English: Oral Presentation Skills for Drug Development Track, 1 ECTS 

KIEN2364 English Seminar Skills: Natural Sciences, 2 ECTS  

KIEN2423 Online English: Academic Writing, Medical Faculty, Clinical Research Track, 2 ECTS 

KIEN2424 English: Academic Writing, Medical Faculty, Molecular Medicine Research Track, 2 ECTS 

KIEN2443 English: Presentation Skills, Medical Faculty, Clinical Research Track, 2 ECTS 

KIEN2444 English: Presentation Skills, Medical Faculty, Molecular Medicine Research Track, 2 ECTS 


Turku School of Economics

KKEN2001 EN4 Financial English, 3 ECTS 

KKEN2002 EN3 International Business Negotiations Skills, 3 ECTS 

KKEN2003 EN13 Intercultural Team Building with a Shared International Language, 3 ECTS 

KKEN2006 EN5 International Presentation Skills, 2 ECTS 

KKEN2009 EN9 Business Writing Skills, 3 ECTS 

KKEN2010 EN10 Academic Writing, 3 ECTS 

KKEN2011 EN11 Business in the Media, 2 ECTS 

KKEN2015 EN14 Pronunciation in Business English, 2 ECTS 

KKEN2016 EN15 Global Business Communication, 3 ECTS 

KKEN2017 EN7 Effective Managerial Communication, 2 ECTS 

KKEN2019 EN2 Marketing Communication, 2 ECTS 

KKEN2020 EN30 Supplementary Studies in Business Communication, 1-6 ECTS 

LT012032 LR15/SV13/EN16 Investor Relations and Communication, 4 ECTS