Studying at the Centre for Language and Communication Studies

The Centre for Language and Communication Studies offers teaching in 11 languages. Language courses organised by the CeLCS are open to international (degree and exchange) students of the University of Turku.

Study Counselling

​For study counselling please contact the Head of Academic and Student Affairs, Anna Väre, tel: 029 450 2018, e-mail:

Participation in Courses

Students of the University of Turku

All official degree and exchange students of the University of Turku have the right to take courses at the CeLCS. However, there are a few things that are good to keep in mind.

The courses can only take a limited number of students and those who have not signed up in time, will not be able to participate. If unsure, please contact the teacher.

Some of the courses are obligatory for both Finnish and/or international degree students. In such cases the exchange students will be granted the right to study only if there is still place in the class. Such courses are, for example, some of the faculty-specific courses.

Enrollment for the courses is done in Peppi study register system. In order to access the system, students must have activated their UTU account and password.

Outside Students

Outside degree students, who study at another university or at a university of applied sciences, may apply for the right to study at the Language Centre of the University of Turku through the Flexible Study Right program called JOO. To know more about JOO-studies, please check this page:

Visiting students, outside exchange students and others who are interested may apply for courses arranged at the CeLCS by filling in the Application for non-degree studies. Please see this page for the application form and further information including fees. Åbo Akademi exchange students are exempt from the fee.

PLEASE NOTE! It is not possible for JOO- or non-degree students to apply for the following courses: Finnish for Foreigners: Beginners' Courses I & II, Intensive Beginners' Course, Survival Course

Japanese: it is not possible for other than degree students of the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi to participate in any of the Japanese courses.

Language Circles

Language circle is a free time activity carried out by international and Finnish students. There are voluntary meetings where international students can meet Finnish and other international students. Groups are available in different languages, and the idea is to use that specific language in the group so that the native speakers can help non-native speakers practice their language skills. It is completely up to the group members to decide what they want to do in their group.

​Language Circles have been cancelled due to the pandemic situation. The situation will be evaluated again in autumn 2021.


Frequently Asked Questions

​I would like to start studying Finnish but I am not a student of the University of Turku. Can I participate in the Finnish Beginners' course?

Unfortunately, our Finnish as a Foreign Language basic level courses are only intended for the degree and exchange students of the University of Turku. Therefore, it is not possible to come and study only Finnish courses at the Centre for Language and Communication Studies. You would need to get admission to one of the faculties of the University first.

Please note that in many courses teaching is given in Finnish, and therefore sufficient Finnish skills are required. However, in the case of following languages some of the courses are taught in English: Chinese, English, Finnish as a Foreign Language and Japanese (degree students only!).

Also, most of the more advanced classes are taught in the target language, thus students with sufficient knowledge of the language may participate in those courses. There are such courses in the following languages: French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

The description of the course in the study guide is usually in the language which is mainly used in the course. You can verify the language of instruction by clicking on the course you would like to take and see which languages are mentioned after the headline "Kielet / Languages". In the event that more than one language is mentioned and you are not sure whether or not you will be able to follow the instruction you can consult the teacher of the class.

Please note that it is necessary to sign up beforehand to the courses.

For detailed information about signing up, please see the course descriptions in the study guide.

International students of other universities and other outside students must apply for the right to participate in the language courses. They can be admitted to courses only if resources and facilities allow. For more information, please see under Participation in Courses.