Faculty Council of the Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty Council has a number of tasks. Among these are: development of teaching and research, preparation of the budget and strategy proposals as well as outlining the overall distribution of resources, accepting the teaching curricula, doctoral dissertations, and preparation of a proposal regarding the number of new students and their selection criteria.

The chair of the Council is the Dean of the Faculty. The Faculty Council members come from three different groups: one third consists of professors, one third of teaching, research and administration staff, and one third of student representatives.

The term of the Faculty Council is four years, with the exception of student representatives, whose term lasts two years.

Chair: Dean, Professor Jaakko Suominen
           Vice-Dean, Professor Marja-Liisa Helasvuo
           Vice-Dean, Professor Taina Syrjämaa

Members (and substitutes)

  • Professor Joel Kuortti (Professor Leena Kolehmainen)
  • Professor Jyri Vaahtera (Professor Camilla Wide)
  • Professor Tuomas Huumo (Professor Veronika Laippala)
  • Professor Leila Koivunen (Professor Georg Haggren)
  • Professor Markku Lehtimäki (Professor Anne Heimo)
  • Professor Tutta Palin (Professor Anna Sivula)
  • University Teacher Jarkko Keskinen (University Lecturer Maarit Leskelä-Kärki)
  • University Lecturer Riikka Turtiainen (University Lecturer Aino Mäkikalli)
  • University Teacher Tiina Suopajärvi (University Teacher Jere Kyyrö)
  • University Teacher Outi Veivo (University Teacher Hanna Holttinen)
  • University Teacher Heidi Salmi (University Lecturer Minna Seppänen)
  • University Lecturer Minna Sandelin (University Lecturer Elina Valovirta)
  • Graduate student Henri Laitila
  • Graduate student Miika Vanne (Graduate student Mariaana Korpela)
  • Graduate student Jenni Jäntti (Graduate student Sara Heino)
  • Graduate student Paula Pättikangas (Graduate student Karoliina Nurmio)
  • Graduate student Teemu Väisänen (Graduate student Joni Järvinen)
  • Graduate student Ennaliina Leiwo (Graduate student Sara Lenkkeri) 

The term of the Faculty Council members is fixed. The current term will conclude in 31.12.2025.